Beer Bike Bucharest

The First Beer Bike And The Only Company From Bucharest Located DownTown

Ride through Bucharest city center while drinking local beers.

Up to 15 persons, 1.5/h (including driver) €180

What is a Beer Bike?


You can contact us at +31 622 104 941 for any request. Party bikes are often used for staff parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

They are often available as tourist attraction where they are rented for a couple of hours or a day. When used in conjunction with alcohol, a party bike usually is hired with a driver.

Enjoy the hotspots of the city

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The beer bike has a capacity of 15 people of which 10 is pedaling and there is the possibility to change the seats during the ride.

Plan a custom-made trip

Combine different activities

At Beer Bike Bucharest we can also plan a custom-made trip for you. You can combine different activities and determine the starting times and order of these activities.

During the whole ride

You have to behave decently!

The driver has the right to refuse serving more alcohol to people considering beeing too drunk to be able to behave safely in the traffic. The driver also has the right to interrupt the tour if he considers to continue the tour would be unsafe and dangerous either for the participants or for the public.

Have a lot of fun

During the trip

Singing and laughing is allowed but please avoid screaming and yelling, as well as harassing pedestrians and other traffic participants. Our bikes have lighting and audio systems. Using Bluetooth connection you can play your own music.

Sit and keep pedalling

During the ride

Please remain seated during the whole ride unless your driver gives your permission to stand up. To jump down is dangerous and can cause an accident.

Alcohol & Tobacco

only for 18+

We do not serve alcohol to anyone under 18 years old (ID can be required). We do not serve and it’s forbidden to bring spirits for the tour. Beverages are served cold in glasses. Smoking is allowed during the ride.

Toilet break

Right on time

Toilette breaks are a part of the tour, therefore there is no need to and it is in the same time prohibited to pee in public.

You may wonder how much is it?

Up to 15 persons, 1.5/h (including driver) €180.
If you want to stay longer, you can extend your time with €40/30 min.
Beer bottle from €2.50Cider bottle from €3.00Soft drinks from €2.50Prosecco €25.

We guarantee a ride you will never forget!


You want this?

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6A Hristo Botev Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania
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